St Thomas Academy for Research and Training


Minimaster Training

For school children, from fifth to twelfth standards, special camps are conducted during the three major vacations to instill in them motivation and to train them in effective study methods. As homework they are asked to read prescribed books of importance pertaining to various fields. They are also instructed to read newspapers regularly and make paper cutting files. This training will be continued progressively until students complete the 12th grade. As a whole, this training is planned and organized in such a manner so as to lead the children gradually to intellectual and emotional maturity and to achieve an organic, wholesome and holistic growth towards excellence.


SHORT-TERM VACATION COURSES throughout the school years for selected students. Training being intended for school students is known by the name Mini Master Training and Master Training (depending upon the age group). Mini Master Training and Master Training are at present restricted to the districts of Calicut and Malappuram for reasons of practical consideration