St Thomas Academy for Research and Training




Lessons and exercises have been prescribed to enhance the students' ability to understand and use grammatically acceptable English, to understand the nuances of language and also appreciate literary language. Presentation skills are also an important objective of language training.
Reading skills
Students are trained to read given passages that aim to improve their comprehension skills, including literary competence.


As a part of remedial education, teaching of grammar has been designed to impart knowledge of grammatical correctness. Lessons relate to aspects of English grammar such as sentence structure and usage, the use of tenses, verb patterns, articles and active and passive constructions. Students are also trained in sentence completion and re-ordering, and dialogue completion.


Special emphasis is laid on developing vocabulary skills. Students are guided to understand the meanings of words in context and in isolation, grammatical categories of words as well as the usage of words.

Analytical and Quantitative Ability

Numbers, Algebra, Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), Calendar, Basic Statistics - Average, Ratio and proportion - Mixtures, Profit and Loss, Percentages, Simple and Compound Interest, Work and time, Discount, Age sums, linear equations, elementary trigonometry Data Interpretation, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, brainteasers, patters,