St Thomas Academy for Research and Training !

Established in 2005 under patronage of the Catholic diocese of Thamarassery in Calicut district of Kerala State, the St. Thomas Academy for Research and Training, or START, incorporates a unique vision in education of the young. Our vision arises from the firm conviction that the currently popular fashion of orienting school education to the preparation of the young for entry into professional courses such as Medicine, Engineering or Nursing is driven more by utilitarian principles, than considerations of natural aptitude or inclination. We further believe that this obsession with success in 'entrance tests' is seriously distorting the aim of education which is cultivation of the mind and not cramming of information as is happening today.


Master and Mini-master Training

For school children, from fifth to twelfth standards, special camps are conducted during the three major vacations

Career Guidance

A special camp is conducted every year for the students who are awaiting the results of the 11th and 12th standards.

Other Programmes

Coaching for MA English Entrance Examinations
Coaching for English NET/JRF
English Course for 9,10,11Class students

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St Thomas Academy for Research and Training !.

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